Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Progeny Press

I'd heard a lot of good things about Progeny Press but wasn't well acquainted with their products until we got the opportunity to review two of their Literature Study Guides, one for middle school and one for high school. (More about that in a minute.)

Progeny Press publishes over 100 literature guides for students in elementary through high school, in a variety of genres and historical periods, for classic and award winning books that may well already be on your reading list. But this is not just a case of reading a book, answering comprehension questions, and studying a few vocabulary words. From the Progeny Press online catalog, the publisher's own words about their mission:

At Progeny Press we are committed to teaching good cultural literature, examined from a Christian perspective. We believe in the equation “Biblical Truth + Cultural Relevancy = Effective Christians.” Take away biblical truth and Christians become no more than a religious subculture—salt without saltiness. Take away cultural relevancy and Christians become isolationists with no impact on the world—lights hidden under bushels. We believe in looking at the world clearly and openly with the Bible firmly in hand.

Our purpose is not to bring you only “safe” fiction, but to teach literature that is well-written and that will help students develop and refine how they deal with man’s philosophies in relation to God’s word. Progeny Press also examines literary terminology and technique in good, cultural literature to equip students to understand the craft of writing and to enhance their joy of reading.

We are committed to examining literature from a strong, biblical perspective. We promise to bring you good literature, provide good literary analysis, and measure it by the light of scripture.

The literature guides are available in three formats: printed, PDF on CD, and downloadable PDF file. Interactive PDF format is available, which allows you to save paper -- your student can enter responses right on the computer. (This also helps with students who think better with a keyboard than with a pen in hand -- I have two of these.)

We received PDF downloads of Pride and Prejudice (high school level) and The Bronze Bow (middle school level) literature study guides, plus the related answer keys for each.