Friday, January 27, 2012

Tummy bug

Last week was a busy one, and this week we're passing around a tummy bug. It's not your basic 24-hour misery, either, but seems to stretch on for several days. I've been practically useless since Monday. I thought I was just about over it last night, but woke up this morning and just couldn't get warm.

I think it's time to whip out anti-bacterial wipes and wipe down the doorknobs, computer keyboards, and other common areas.

We can't use the standard wipes; they're too toxic for us and actually make us sick. I have a supply of the thyme oil based wipes, but they smell like mouse musk to me so I've been looking for an alternative. I just found an online resource for making your own, so I'm going to give it a try when I'm feeling better. For today, I'm going to have to use the thyme oil wipes we have on hand and try not to think I'm smelling mice.

Oh dear. Youngest just announced she's going to throw up. Looks like we're in for another day of battle with the bug.

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