Saturday, May 26, 2012

Graduation, homeschool style

Last night Youngest and I went to a homeschool graduation and dance. Because of a crazy schedule, we arrived late, but it didn't seem to matter.

The church was packed out, standing room only, and a slide show was going on. We stood just outside the sanctuary doors, unnoticed except by the others standing there (most of them had restless small children who obviously just couldn't sit any longer). We watched the rest of the graduation from that vantage, a tribute to each graduate in turn: slideshow with music, parents speaking words of hope and encouragement over their graduate, the graduate responding with love and gratitude. In closing, the pastor called all of the graduating seniors to line up at the front of the church. He then went down the line, praying a blessing over each one, a blessing that reflected their individual personalities, talents and dreams, that each would be used of God in the coming years.

Next came the dance. Youngest held back at first, unsure, but when she saw that the first dance was a familiar one, even though it had an unfamiliar name (the "Scottish Polka"), she began to smile. (It was actually the second dance; we were downstairs going through the receiving line, congratulating each graduate, during the first dance. We found out later it was the Virginia Reel, another familiar dance.)

I wish I had a picture for you. Just imagine people skipping, spinning, sashaying, twirling, running (!), ducking under a human arch, bowing, marching, step-hopping, whirling, and more, flashes of color and movement going by like a whirlpool made up of people.

As far as I could tell, everybody danced who wanted to dance. No wallflowers! (Except for children under ten. In that confined space, with the mad whirl of dancers, it seemed a prudent course.) Even the caller put on a song during a break, came out from behind the microphone, and took a turn about the room with her husband.

I have never seen so much fun, enthusiasm, and energy in one place... Youngest danced up a storm, and was bubbling over with enthusiasm as we drove home.

It turns out that we know the family that was running the dance, and they promised to put us on their email list for the monthly folk dances. Sounds like a plan!

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