Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day something-or-other of the plague

The Computer Guy mentioned something this morning about it being Day Four of the Plague, which got me thinking. Let's see, the Debater fell ill Sunday (Saturday night, rather, at the ballot party following the speech and debate tournament awards ceremony -- instead of being the life of the party and wanting to stay until closing time, she and her sister both wilted and asked to leave an hour before the party was planned to end). Technically, it is Day Four for her. She started to perk up a bit last night. There's hope.

The Chef was a little off from Saturday night onward, grumpier than usual, until being laid low yesterday. Her symptoms are a little different. Same miserable fever as her older sister; but rather than a sore, swollen throat, she has a rebellious stomach. At her request, homemade chicken soup is now simmering on the stove, and glad I am to oblige, after the struggle yesterday to get anything at all down. For her, this works out to Day Two (if you don't count the "off" days when she was evidently fighting the bug).

The Computer Guy has actually been sick for more than a week. I think this might be Day Ten for him.

As for Eldest and myself, we are fighting it. Every once in awhile I get really tired, or feel a lump in my throat as if a sore throat is trying to take hold, and I down another dose of vitamin C or elderberry. The elderberry syrup is getting low in the jar; it's almost time to brew another batch. Eldest and I are also drinking fair amounts of homemade kombucha (got the continuous brew system set up and it's working well) and kefir in hopes that the probiotics will help. Something's working. I start feeling under the weather, sit down for a bit and take my C (usually crystal form, dissolved in kefir; seems to work faster that way -- the C in pill form seems to take a day or more to kick in), and without noticing a change, somehow I'm feeling better a little while later. I do hope my body will kick this thing completely, whether it's the dreaded flu, or some anonymous virus. I can't afford to be sick.

Who can?

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