Monday, February 27, 2012

TOS Crew: Beeyoutiful

We reviewed Beeyoutiful's Berry Well a couple of years ago, and I was so impressed with the product. It tasted good and worked wonders at cutting colds short, and I wasn't allergic to it. (I had to stop using echinacea and goldenseal some years ago, and those were my go-to cold stoppers up to that point. Worked wonderfully, until I started having severe allergic reactions. Apparently the small amount of echinacea in Berry Well isn't enough to set me off.)

This year, I was so excited to get another package from Beeyoutiful. This time we received two items: lip balm and OW Ease, an arnica salve.

The lip balm went into my purse, where it comes in handy for dry, chapped lips. Frankly, I forgot about it for a few weeks, until one day my lips were dry and getting drier. You know how it is, where your lips feel tortured, and you know you shouldn't lick them to give them relief because they'll just end up drier, but you can't help licking them because you're miserable, and so you dig in your purse hoping to find something...

Ahhh. Beeyoutiful B.A.L.M to the rescue. What a nice surprise! Instant relief, and it didn't just wear off, but worked some healing along the way. The orange flavor was subtle but refreshing, and the balm left my lips soft and relieved that distressing dry feeling. I'm so glad I "lost" it in my purse. I've put it in a special pocket since then, so I can always find it.

We put the OW! Ease to use almost as soon as we unpacked it. The Giant Schnoz was being especially affectionate and excited that day, and rammed her giant-sized head into someone's midriff, causing her to trip over a chair and fall into the table. It looked like painful bruises were going to result, so we broke out the OW! Ease and applied it at once. It really did the job, as I expected it to (we've used arnica for years, for bruises and swelling), and was easy to apply, not as messy as the arnica gel we keep on hand.

Pricing and availability

Beeyoutiful All-natural Lip Balm ($3.00) and OW! Ease ($15.00) are available, along with a number of other effective, natural health-care products, at the Beeyoutiful website.

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Disclaimer: Our family received Beeyoutiful Lip Balm and OW! Ease for review purposes. No additional compensation was involved.

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